November 2015 MUN Conference in Chiang Rai

Last weekend, 26 – 28 November, thirty-one Prem students set off with great excitement to attend the Fall Chiang Mai Model United Nations conference, hosted for the first time in Chiang Rai, by Chiang Rai International School.  This conference saw participation from twelve schools in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Myanmar, and was the first time in many years that Prem students had travelled outside Chiang Mai to attend an MUN conference. 

The theme for the conference was ‘Technology and Globalisation’, which encompassed issues that are extensive and widespread, yet accessible and highly relevant to our students.  The conference began with a dynamic and engaging keynote speech by Cory Nichols from Destiny Rescue, who spoke about what we can do to combat the alarming rise in human trafficking. Students then joined the various Model United Nations Committees: the Economic and Social council, the Human Rights council, the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the Security Council.  They debated and tried to resolve a variety of current issues ranging from curbing the militarisation of space, sustainable and ethical development of the Arctic, addressing the forced repatriation of refugees and asylum seekers, and improving international cooperation in the investigation of aviation accidents. 

There was also a unique special committee simulating the League of Nations, who debated their issues in a 1935 setting.  They examined the response to the renouncement of the disarmament clause of the Versailles Treaty by the German government and the abolition of slavery. 

Some of the highlights for the Prem students were main submitting resolutions that were debated and successfully passed in Security Council and the GA, joining with delegations from other schools to co-submit resolutions and making various speeches in relation to resolutions that were being debated.  In addition, students enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the conference, meeting new people, learning about MUN protocol and the formal debate structure.  They also commented on how much they enjoyed being involved in such important and interesting discussions about topics of such relevance to today’s world.  

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