Nong Plaman fundraiser Grade 7

On Thursday and Friday, 24th and 25th January , Grade 7 held their first fundraiser to support Prem’s local village school, Nong Plaman . The Grade 7 students from both schools first met in November to plan how they could raise money in order for Nong Plaman to build a large, air-conditioned community room, to be used by both school and village members. They need to raise in total 100,000 baht for the building costs.

The students liaised to decide on food and drink items to sell; games which could be played and prizes, crafts for selling and teaching people how to make them and a marketing group who designed the wonderful posters.

It was held just before the Senior School production to capture the attention of the arriving audience and provide them with refreshments and fun prior to the performance. Both nights went very successfully , the G7s were kept busy selling their wares and achieved a grand total of 31,300 baht – so nearly a third of the total cost!

A big thank you must also be sent out to all the staff who helped: to name three of the many, Ajaan Tiew  for her liaison with Nong Plaman, Khun Mee for his help with the posters and Khun Nan for her help in purchasing.

Thank you as well to those who came and supported this worthy cause and G7 hope to be able to have another opportunity to continue this community service project in the near future.

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