My group’s project is Warm Heart Foundation, Sponsor a child. Our goal was to make 15,000 baht, to help a child go to school, and help them stay in school, therefore they will be able to apply for a good job and have a good life. Everyone in our group has been working really hard on marketing ideas. We all thought it would be a great idea to do games like the lucky draw and spinner because people will want to buy our things more than just paying money and getting a drink or a snack instead you get to play a game too! Our group has been selling things all week. On Monday we sold Soda and Brownies, on Tuesday we worked on the presentation, and lastly, we sold Bubble tea on Wednesday. We plan on selling Pizza and Brownies on Thursday for the big sale. What has been successful was the Brownies and Soda because everything was sold out and we had a good time doing it, although the Bubble tea was very challenging because there were three people selling at the same spot with the same product, and it did NOT go well. Overall I think that this has been a very stressful yet fun project and I think me and my group had a good time!

By Ekdiya Chawla