Our group chose to fundraise for the Nong Pla Man community room group. Our goal was to help raise the 66 thousand baht needed to help the school build a communal room. At the moment their undercroft is not very nice and turning it into a communal room which can also be used by the larger surrounding village will help bring the community together. It is important that as people in more fortunate situations we help people in worse conditions as humans should all care for each other.

This week, to help the greater Nong Pla Man community, our group has sold soda, bubble tea and hosted games all week. We always planned to sell three things to help raise the money to help build the communal room. On Thursday the 13th of June, at the Prem Middle School Expo, we sold the same three items, hoping it would help raise a lot of money. We think that selling to help fund the communal room is a noble thing to do and the group hopes that as many people as possible attend the MS Expo and support the Nong Pla Man community by buying food and drinks at the event.

By Steve Parfitt