Taking simple actions such as making stickers of saving elephants is a great way to show our love, compassion and support to the national animal of Thailand.

Inspired by a video called “Thailand’s Elephant Whisperer — Lek” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eq4t2Lj6gis in sustainability class, students were so motivated to devote themselves to finding out more situations of the Asian elephants in Thailand. Especially for those who were forced to become begging elephants for money, or being terribly traumatized or handicapped as orphan elephants. So by taking up colour-pens, papers, scissors and great ideas in their minds, students have brainstormed, designed, created and presented their thoughts and awareness of saving elephants through their stickers. With various styles and focuses to save the elephants, the works of students were collectively put a poster which carries important information to involve their families or friends for saving elephants as well.

In different groups, students have demonstrated their stickers explaining and discussing the following questions:

  1. What is your sticker’s idea about saving the elephants? Why and how?
  2. What other ways can we use to save the elephants? How would you bring these messages to your family and friends?
  3. How can we help to stop the killing and abusing of elephants? What actions can you take in Thailand?