New JS IT User Agreement

This week we have rolled out a new and updated JS Technology User Agreement for Grades 1 – 5. This has been unpacked and discussed in class with specific examples and further explanation of how it applies to each group of students. The aim of this new user agreement is to make it more accessible for our students to understand than the previous agreement.
Each child from Grade 1 – 5 has taken a copy of the agreement home and all families have also received this as a digital copy. Please take the time to discuss this with your child and return the form to school by 30 March. Also in this letter, it outlined information regarding key resources and student email passwords as well as a link to our parent portal for Digital Citizenship resources for families to use.
As part of our ongoing updates with IT, A.Simon and A.Anita worked with Grade 4 and 5 classes about our rights and responsibilities as digital citizens inquiring about ‘Rings of Responsibility’.
We discussed how in all aspects of our lives we have responsibility for ourselves, our friends and family and also the wider community. With the updated JS Technology User Agreement, we discussed how we have the responsibility to keep ourselves safe, healthy and happy with technology. We look forward to our Grade 4 and 5 students sharing this knowledge as part of our next IT workshop with these students early in Term 4.

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