Never B Flat, Never B Sharp, Just B Natural!

As Director of Music, I am happy to report that individual music lessons are now in full swing. It has been a pleasure to see continuing students progressing with their instrumental and vocal studies as well as new students setting themselves a challenge and starting to learn an instrument for the first time.

The individual music lessons program runs throughout the school day on a rotation basis from 8.30am through 3.30pm. Every week, each student’s music lesson is timetabled on an individual needs’ basis, with close consultation with Home Room Teachers and Subject Teachers. We also consider the practicalities of sports lessons and other specialist lessons which may only happen once a week. Likewise, we timetable around special events in the school calendar to ensure continuity of lessons. All of this timetable orchestration places the student at the heart of the decision-making process about which timings are best to have each lesson. For example, the schedule for an individual student’s music lesson might look like this: Wednesday 8.30am for the first week, Wednesday 10.30am for the second week, and then Wednesday 12.50pm for the third week. This approach to timetabling ensures that each student will be supported in their academic learning and also recognises their learning continues when they attend their music lesson. New skills and learning approaches are developed and encouraged during these lessons, which are then transferred into their regular lessons for the rest of the day.

In conclusion, every student has individual needs and we therefore focus on ensuring that these individual needs are recognized and supported. In the music academy, we create a music timetable that is sympathetic to supporting the development of a well-rounded individual ready for the challenges of the 21st Century.

There is a significant body of academic studies and research that supports the importance of understanding the power of music on an individual’s emotional life and well-being. This research also provides very clear statistics to confirm that students who attend a weekly individual music lesson will be greatly aiding the development and strength of their academic studies. For more information about this particular research, please contact Christopher Johnson at


Christopher Johnson,

Director of the Prem Academy of Music

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