Needs of Plants

Following our inquiry into seeds and plants, during circle time we talked about what plants might need in order to grow and stay healthy.  A few children said that “plants need sun and water to get big”.  With that we decided to do an experiment where we would keep a container of mung beans with soil in our closet and another container of mung beans with soil outside where they would get plenty of sunlight as well as receive water.  Children has been taking turns being the ‘Plant Carer’ diligently checking the container outside to see if the soil is damp or not and it give it water when it needs it.  We have been observing both of them everyday to see if there are any changes. With the one that was kept outside and watered, just within a few days after beginning this experiment, the mung beans started to sprout!  Children were so excited to see the differences in what was happening between the two containers.  We will continue to observe both of the containers for changes or lack there of, ask your child about our experiment!




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