MYP Poetry

In MYP Language & Literature class, Grades 6-8 students study a range of text types and various forms of literature. One common thread in this early middle years curriculum is the study of poetry. Students in Grade 6 focus on discovering poetry around us, Grade 7s build upon this by learning to analyze poetry about middle schoolers like themselves, and students in Grade 8 extend these skills further by sharpening their analytical skills using classic English & Italian sonnets. Students in all three classes also have the opportunity to create their own different types of poems. These middle school Lang & Lit poetry samples range from introspective “Where I’m From” free verse poems to more structured student-written sonnets.

Where I_m from poem – Nathan

Where I am from Poem – Bandagi

Twenty-four hours 1. pdf

Where I_m From – Sally



By Adam Copus

MYP Service Learning and MYP Language and Lit

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