MYP Personal Project 2021

Congratulations to Prem Grade 10 students for their Personal Project Exhibition! Despite this being a virtual exhibition again this year, the students’ energy and enthusiasm for their projects made this an inspiring and joyful event. Younger grade levels will certainly benefit from having seen such amazing outcomes; research and listening to the advice that the grade 10 students shared through their presentations. The Projects ranged from designing and building model houses to art exhibitions, building websites, writing books, writing music, using technology in new and exciting ways, designing jewellery and tattoo designs, using photography, making video documentaries, creating gardening projects to feed their families, building simulation devices. The variety of creativity in our students is truly remarkable.

Our thanks to all the Grade 10 students for their hard work and willingness to share, to all staff who supervised PP students , and especially to Ajarn Andy, our tireless MYP coordinator, for guiding staff and students through the PP process.


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