MYP English Parent Workshop

On Thursday morning, our Senior School Language Curriculum Leaders responded to parent requests for an informational workshop on English learning at Prem. Part of our mission at the school is to ensure that all learners are able to communicate well enough in English to be able to succeed in their IB Diploma exams. Our presentation today focused on the journey that English language learners make at Prem and how they can move from the Language Acquisition class to Language and Literature. Parents were walked through the process and given examples of student writing at each phase so that the progression could be seen. Led by Ajarn Sam Dawkins and Ajarn Abbie Neall, the presentation was supported by CL for EAL, Ajarn David Puckey and Mother Tongue Coordinator, Ajarn Tammy Gaysek. The session ran for over 90 minutes as parents had lots of questions at the end.
Thank you to everyone who attended in person or online; it was good to see so many parents engaging with their students’ learning at Prem!
Abbie Neall

Curriculum Leader for Language and Literature

DP/ MYP English Language and Literature teacher

Water House Grade 11 Homeroom

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