Music visit: PAYAP professors to work with our grade 7 students

On Wednesday 28 February, Ajarn Chaipruck, Ajarn Krit, Ajarn Pleum, and Ajarn Pop came to the Prem music department to work with our Grade 7 students. All grade 7 students were involved, each playing either a brass, woodwind, string or percussion instrument. For the first hour, students were taught in instrument-specific sectionals and then we came together (in music we say “tutti”) to play our two new pieces.

The professors commented that they were not only impressed with the students’ engagement and level (most students just started this August), but also with the school’s commitment to the music program and to our students’ musical development.

In Term 4, these same students will begin preparation for the Annual International Schools of Chiang Mai Concert Band Music Festival in September 2018.

Parents are invited to attend the Grade 7 concert on Wednesday 21 March at 11:40. We will be having the concert in Music Room 5 so you can see our newly renovated music rooms & rehearsal space.

Thank you to Khun Mee and Khun May for your support; to A. Mala and A. Susan for your flexibility; and to the students for their participation, efforts, and music.

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