Music Technology in the Electronic and Digital Age

New technology has always been a driving force behind the development of musical genres, styles and practices. At the same time, new and emerging music can also foster and extend technological innovation. This dynamic and mutual influence is at the heart of the contemporary musical experience and has transformed both music-making and musical education. The IB Music curriculum reflects the substantial global increase in access to digital technologies. (“IB
DP music guide”, 2022). To further facilitate access to new digital technologies, the Senior School Music Department has just purchased state-of-the-art equipment to create 4 mini-recording studios. Each studio is equipped with Ableton Live (a professional software used in most modern production studios),
an audio-interface (which allows computers to connect to real instruments), a MIDI keyboard & controller (which allows to sequence music and play Virtual Instruments), mics/cables/headphones, and a pair of HQ studio monitors.

These new set-ups will be a powerful tool to continue fostering creativity in our music classesand beyond…
Already, the G11 DP Film students have started composing and recording their own soundtrack; our Exploria students on Mondays* have begun creating original work ranging from Hip-hop and Pop to EDM; while our G12 DP music students, who are about to start a composition unit, will surely benefit from this stimulating opportunity. Moreover, our G10 music students are currently creating different Jingles for our brand-new Prem News Station… all of that within
only a week!



We cannot wait to share some of the music that will be produced over the coming months…
Stay tuned!

Laurent Chiarelli
MYP/DP Music Teacher

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