Music Madness

On Wednesday 24 May, members from the Prem High School Symphonic Band and the Grade 9 & 10 music classes presented a short concert at lunchtime in the Senior School Undercroft. Pat, Primp, and Pan were joined by vocalist Pam in playing a famous Thai pop song; Fond, Michelle and Fiona performed a saxophone trio; and Primp performed a four-mallet marimba solo. The Prem High School Symphonic Band ended the concert with two selections: “Aliens Among Us” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The Symphonic Band will be playing again this Friday at graduation and will then be getting ready for the International Massed Concert Band Festival in Bangkok at the beginning of next year. Over 200 students from various schools will be attending.

Also coming up, the Grade 7 concert bands will be performing at 1pm on Thursday 8 June in the Senior School Undercroft. This cohort of students will represent our school at the International Schools of Chiang Mai Concert Band Music Festival in September.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the students and hear the music! There is more to come.

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