Music can move, Music can express: Grade 9 Music - Unit 4


In this brand-new Unit co-designed by Ajarn Gina and Ajarn Laurent, students have been exploring how music is used to support different medias (film, theatre & dance) throughout different cultures. Our statement of Inquiry, “I can create meaning and express ideas through interdisciplinary Art projects”, was developed to help the students inquire into how different cultures perceive and express the concepts of “Beauty & Aesthetics”.


During the first half of the Unit, students took part in several “mini-explorations” aiming at developing their musical skills and, most of all, their creativity. Some of these explorations included exploring the Art of Foley by creating sound effects for a movie scene from “Ratatouille”, creating 1minute of music for different film excerpts, illustrating musically a Thai traditional puppet show, designing their own “graphic scores” then composing music to it, singing for Opera and/or Musical, choreographing movements to music…


While the second half of the Unit is about to start and students will be starting their final composition projects, I wanted to first share some examples of the amazing work our G9 students have been producing over these last weeks… I have honestly been baffled by their creativity, independence and open-mindedness and cannot wait to see the results of their final products. 

#1 Henry Thai puppet Show

#2 Christina graphic score
#4 Alice Film Music

Thank you, Alice, Christina, Henry, and Noa for letting me share some of your creations with our community… I hope you enjoy!


Ajarn Laurent


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