MUN Conference Report

On 14 November, twenty-five excited, well-dressed Prem MUN delegates made their way to NIS to attend the annual fall CMMUN (Chiang Mai Model United Nations) conference. The theme for this conference was “Time for Asia”, recognising the central role that Asia is going to play over the next century. The conference began with an Opening Ceremony and keynote speech by the Vice Chancellor of the US consulate. He highlighted Asia’s dynamism and progress in recent history, the fact that almost all global trade starts, end or goes through Asia, and the fact that Asia has the fastest growing population, yet also faces many challenges in terms of climate change, poverty and economic growth.

Prem delegates took part in each of the five committees: the Security Council (who debated the South China Sea Tensions and territorial claims to the Spratly and Paracel Islands), the Economic and Social committee (who debated ways to improve drug abuse prevention, education and law enforcement policies in ASEAN countries),  the Human Rights Committee (who debated  protecting the rights of indigenous and displaced minorities in Asia), the UN Environmental Program (who debated preventing the illegal trade in animal products in Asia) and the World Health Organisation who debated regional cooperation in combating infectious disease and pandemics.

While this semester has seen many new students experiencing MUN for the first time, many students have already expressed their interest and motivation to take on leadership roles for our next conference in the Spring, which will be a two-day event hosted and organised by Prem.

Kirstina Green
Curriculum Leader of Individuals and Societies
MYP teacher of Humanities and MUN coordinator

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