Mud and Bricks Exploria

In session 2, there was an Exploria called Mud House joined by Grade 5 and Grade 8 students who met once a week with an architect named Don, one of the villagers in Mae Ann Village, located nearby Prem School. This experience allowed the students to be risk-takers, learning new practices from the natural mud to create mud house bricks, toys and chairs. Students used natural materials, such as small stones, branches and leaves in order to build mud chairs with their names on each of them. The students said that when they grow up, they would come back to see their mud chairs again. 🙂 In addition, students learned how to use colour from mud to get different natural shades such as brown, orange and yellow to paint on their chairs and toys.

Don has been interested in building a house from Mud since he was a university student. He participated in many Mud House Workshops and learned by trial and error until he was ready to build his home from Mud in Mae Ann Village. This is the first time Don has participated in Prem Exploria and he is very impressed with Prem student’s enthusiasm and energy. We are thrilled that he has shared such a valuable and unique expertise with our students!


Suchaya  Santivarakom

Thai Teacher

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