Mother Tongue Day 2022

Last week we had a celebrated Mother Tongue Day in Junior and Senior School. It was a great day where students got to learn in their mother tongue language. With lots of fun activities to get involved with. We went to speak with Ajarn Tammy who organised this event to learn more about this popular event.

  • Why does Prem hold a mother tongue day?
To celebrate the rich tapestry of languages represented at our school. And an opportunity for staff, students and parents to come together to share their language knowledge and cultures! Here at Prem, we value the maintenance and development of mother tongue languages.
  • What events did we have around the campus?
In Junior School we had a carousel of Mother tongue language activities:
Mandarin – “Games Parents Played”
Thai – Various hands-on activities 
Korean –  Traditional crafts and games
French –  French Monopoly
English – Word Search & Riddles 
In Senior School it was run as a fun House Event:
Contest #1 Mother Tongue Twister – Students challenged themselves to learn tongue twisters in various mother tongue languages i.e. Mandarin, Thai, Korean, Dzongkha, Spanish and Japanese.
Contest #2  Learning five phrases in various languages – Students went to any or all of the language booths to learn five common phrases to get stamps on their ‘Language Passports’ which they then exchanged for House points at the ‘House Immigration’.
Contest #3 Mother tongue storytelling videos – Students created mother tongue storytelling videos as a resource at the library for Junior School students.
Contest #4 Prem Mission & Vision – Students challenged themselves to translate the Prem Mission and Vision Statements into their mother tongue languages.

Who was involved?

It was a real community event with parents, staff and students all taking part!

These events take a lot of organising! So a special thank you to the following who helped to make this event happen!:

  • Ajarn Tammy!
  • Cultural ambassadors and all parents involved
  • Senior School language teachers and students that ran the booths and their efforts in preparing for the event
  • Ajarn Trisha and Ajarn Bobby for all their hard work with planning and preparation, and making it another great House Event

Tammy Gaysek

G7 Air House Homeroom Teacher

MYP English Teacher

Mother Tongue Coordinator

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