Mother Tongue Activities: Junior School Celebrates!

Last Monday the Junior School was a hive of activity as a number of Mother Tongue Activities were offered by our fabulous Prem parents.
Students  in their language groups undertook a variety of joyous and educational parent led activities. These activities are part of how we show that as a school community we honor the students’ mother tongue languages and create an environment where students feel respected with their language identity.

International Mother Language Day to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism was Sunday, 21/2.  Prem JS celebrated it on Monday, 22/2.  The morning started with the morning line up about the importance of mother tongue language and students dispersed to the different language groups ie Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and French. All activities were planned and led by the parents.

The Korean group were learning about kimchi and actually making it.

The French group were busy baking Belgian style cookies.

The Japanese group played traditional word games and ate norimaki.

The Chinese group learnt about traditional masks, practiced some Kung Fu, and experienced traditional film technology.

The Thai group arranged flowers, played traditional games such as coconut stilts, number games, and tasted traditional snacks and drinks.

Our thanks to Ajarn Tammy Gaysek for organizing these super Mother Tongue events, to all the staff who assisted, to our wonderful JS students, and most of all to the amazing parent volunteers.

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