Mission Focus - Global Citizenship

What does it really mean to be a global citizen? Words such as diversity, ethics, communication and service may spring to mind but how do we ensure our students really are global citizens? I believe we have immersed our students in experiences that allow them to see beyond their current context. One experience our CP students are involved in is the planning of a CP Student-Led Conference. Every month they virtually join together with over 50 students from around the world to work on the planning and delivery of the first Asia Pacific CP Student-Led Conference, due to take place in March 2022.
Let’s hear from some of our students:
“My involvement in the planning of the CP Student-Led Conference has helped me understand what it means to be a global citizen through meeting other CP students from different places and different school systems, it is interesting for me to discuss the program tying us together and learn about things I did not think about before.” Jigme Dorji CP SCAD
“The CP Conference has helped me understand and adapt to different cultures and countries, as well as how they are taught and the different range of ideas that we can come up with.” Andre Thompson CP SUMAS

Lisa McSweeney

Career-related Programme Coordinator

CAS / Service Learning Coordinator

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