Middle School Students represented at Chiang Mai MUN

On 18/19 November, 16 Prem students participated in the Chiang Mai Model United Nations conference at the Phucome Hotel in Chiang Mai. Prem was one of the few schools that allowed Middle School students to participate. We had two grade 7 students, Frank and Ken, representing Algeria in the modern Human Rights committee. They debated the issue of ensuring the protection of  freedom of religion under the universal declaration of human rights. With their country being 98% Muslim, they had an interesting perspective to represent. While Algeria legally prohibits discrimination and tolerates non-Muslim faiths, the law does not recognize marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the students had to defend this law. The achievement Frank and Ken are most proud of was being the very first students in their committee to deliver their Opening Speech and they asked a question challenging the resolution presented by the delegation from China. They also collaborated with Pakistan and Iran to prepare a resolution. Frank stated, “I learned a lot of new words and now know how the UN works.” They concluded that although the AC was freezing cold, they enjoyed the conference immensely and will definitely be back next Term.


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