Middle School: Sponsor a Child Project

For this final two weeks of school, the Middle School is very excited to be working together on a project to support the NGO, Warm Heart Foundation. We have split into six groups to focus on various aspects of the charity, each group consisting on a mix of grade 6, 7 and 8 students working together to accomplish various goals. Our group focused on “Sponsor a child”, meaning we created a campaign to encourage others to donate money that can go towards supporting the underprivileged children at the Warm Heart Foundation .
The Warm Heart Foundation is a non-profit and non government organization working to help the local communities in Phrao. They work to support different aspects of the communities like the children, the elderly, and the environment as a community. There are currently 57 children staying at Warm Heart, relying on them to get an education, food, shelter, just the basic needs of a human.
The ‘Sponsor a child’ program is essential for the livelihood of these children. The Warm Heart Foundation asks the public to donate money to help these children succeed, as Warm Heart does not have a significant amount of money. The minimum amount of money that can support one child per month is 4000 baht (125 US dollars), and the minimum yearly amount of money per child is 48100 baht (1500 US dollars). This money is used to pay for a child’s meals, education, uniforms, bus fees, and much more. As children get older, school fees increase greatly and it becomes even more difficult for these children to be educated.
There are 32 children at Warm Heart Foundation who need to be helped by donations and sponsors. Our project is to help find long-term sponsors for these children. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a child at Warm Heart, we would greatly appreciate your generosity. We are having a stall on the upcoming Monday (11th of June, 3 pm) near the Club, and also on Thursday (14th of June, 10.15am) at the fair, thus if you like to become a sponsor of simply donate to the foundation please come by. You can also find information on becoming a sponsor at the Warm Heart Foundation website, or contact Grace McCallum or Jihye Choi at gracem@ptis.ac.th or jihyec@ptis.ac.th
If you are interested, here is the link of Warm Heart Foundation. http://warmheartworldwide.org/
We would greatly appreciate any donations or sponsors, as this can change a child’s life.
Many thanks,
Grace McCallum and Julia Choi

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