Middle School Orientation Day

The Middle School start the 2017-2018 year off with their first assembly. All 6-8 grade students met in the Library to be introduced to the staff that will support them throughout the year; SS Principal, SS Deputy Principal, Grade Level Leader, Student Support and most importantly homeroom teachers as well as teacher buddies. They also heard from the returning members of their Student Council about how to get involved in MS StuCo.

Classes then left with their teachers to see their homerooms; grade 8 getting to be the first students in the brand new classes on the new level of the middle school! While grade 6 and new students took a tour of the campus, returning students in grades 7 and 8 were able to catch up with each other after the long break and play some fun games.
After lunch, we gathered the whole Middle School together again for “If You Really Knew Me…” An activity that gave students and teachers the opportunity to learn more about each other whether they are brand new or have been a Prem Panther for years. This activity will become a fortnightly event for the Middle School.

Middle School students ended the day with fun and games with their homeroom classes. Smiles and laughter were in abundance as the new school year was ushered in.

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