Message From JS Principal

Saturday, October 3rd 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of Prem Junior School Students,

I hope this email finds you well as we get set to enter our last two weeks of Term 1. I would like

to take this opportunity to thank our parents and guardians for all of your support, adaptability

and goodwill as we have negotiated the challenges and opportunities associated with a blended

learning reopening. During my daily walk-throughs, I have the privilege to see learning

flourishing across the grade levels and subject areas. Our Junior School students are engaged,

challenged and inspired. For this, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to our teachers. In light

of global realities, and reflecting upon our current situation, we truly have much to be grateful

for. Here then are a few important pieces of information as we round out Term 1 and look

ahead in preparation for Term 2.


Please note that your child will receive a Term 1 progress report on Friday, October 16th. For

students in Grades 1 – 5, parents will receive an email from Managebac to let you know that

your child’s progress report is available. Please note that this report has a focus on behavioural

indicators and dispositions, such as effort and self-management. The Term 2 report issued in

December will have a greater focus on academic achievement. For students in Early Years 1-3,

parents will receive a narrative style progress report via Seesaw.

Parent-Teacher-Student Goal Setting Conferences

From October 26th to 30th we will be holding 3-way (Parent-Teacher-Student) Goal Setting

Conferences for students in Grades 1-5. As Early Years parents have already met with teachers

to begin the year, having a conference is optional and not required. Early Years parents may

contact their child’s teacher(s) directly should they wish to make an appointment.

For students in Grades 1-5, we will be holding 3-way Goal Setting Conferences after school

hours from October 26th to 30th (immediately following the October holiday). These

conferences will involve the student, the parent(s) and the homeroom teacher. Discussion will

focus on the student’s learning and well-being. The 3-way Goal Setting Conferences allow the

student to set goals for improvement in collaboration with their parents and teachers, and

become more actively involved and intentional in their own learning processes. This format

reflects our commitment to empowering your child with a growth-mindset. Parents of Grades

1-5 students will receive more information about these conferences and sign-up procedures


Upcoming Holiday

Please note that there is an upcoming holiday on Tuesday, October 13th and school will be


Important Dates Ahead

Exploria – Session 2 will start Monday, November 2nd. Exploria Session 2 information is

expected to be made available to parents during the first week back following the

October break.

Premathlon – Our annual Premathlon is scheduled to take place on Friday, November

13th. We encourage all children in Grades 1-5 to participate. More information will

come your way in due course.

October Holiday

Please be aware that the October holiday will take place from October 17th-25th and school will

be closed. In anticipation, we wish you and your family a relaxing and enjoyable break. We look

forward to welcoming families back to school on Monday, October 26th.

Yours respectfully,

Justin Jarman

Junior School Principal

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