Maths tips for parents

Following on from the very well attended JS Parent Workshop focusing on Maths the last term, over the next few months we will be sharing more tips, information and resources for parents focusing on Maths via the Rolling News.
As we all learnt Maths differently when we were at school, parents shared that tips and information that could help parents develop a greater understanding of how Maths is taught at Prem would be beneficial.
Having a growth mindset with Maths – what does this mean?
Everyone can learn Maths well, there is no such thing as a ‘Maths person’. Our brains are elastic and geared for learning. When we have a growth mindset, our learning potential increases. A big part of this is process is embracing mistakes as mistakes are evidence of growth and progress.
How you speak to your child about Maths and whilst working with them on Maths problems, is a key way you can encourage your child to have a growth mindset.

Do SayDon’t Say
What are you missing?You are stupid.
You seem to be on the right track.You are awesome at this.
You are going to train your brain in Maths.You just can’t do Maths.
This is going to take some time.This is too hard.
What can you do to improve?Your answer is fine the way it is.

For those parents who are keen to do an online course to further develop their understanding, Stanford University has a FREE course developed by Jo Boaler that you can sign up for. Follow the link here The course takes approximately 20 hours and is self-paced.

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