Master Chef Asia invites Prem Chef

At the end of the last semester, Asia Master Chef Media, having seen Thailand Young Chef on our websites, contacted A. David regarding a new show involving students around Asia competing against professional chefs.  They requested that one of the Prem Thai students be involved in a cooking demonstration to the 20 television media personalities who would then themselves construct the recipe provided. Prem student Amika represented Prem for this evening’s presentation as she won the Prem Young Chef Competition and finished 5th in the 2015 Thailand Young chef competition.

The evening was hosted at The House Restaurant and Amika was asked to create the dish “Som Tam”, which is the authentic Thai dish Green Papaya salad.  Amika carefully went through the ingredients of the dish and then went step by step with the guests putting the Som Tam together.  Amika was given great applause for her achievements to date and for the professional way she presented the evening programme. Tasha Traazil from AE networks congratulated Amika and presented gifts from the company.

Amika said she was a little nervous at the beginning but once the event started she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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