Maria: Grade 8: A Stellar Start to the year!

Prem students are famed for their proactive and purposeful work habits. Maria demonstrated just how keen she was to begin her Grade 8 Art course by looking at the tasks for her first lesson posted on her Art classes Google Classroom, and completing them before the start of the academic year!
(Don’t worry! Her teacher has some even more challenging extension tasks ready for Maria to tackle in her first class).
Last year Maria was a student in Prem’s Intensive English Programme and the wonderful team of teachers there helped Maria attain the level of English needed to join and thrive in the mainstream school classes.
Ajarn Cara writes:
Maria was a star student in IEP. She was always engaged in her learning and motivated to do better. She excelled by using feedback from her teachers to improve her English language skills. Maria is a highly motivated and enthusiastic student and we are very proud of her.”
Well done Maria, this is an excellent start to the year! You are a role model!

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