Mandarin B Unit Flyer Term 2

Dear G5 families,

The G5 Mandarin Unit Flyers has been created and shared with you in order to provide you with a little more information about what we are trying to achieve in the 8 weeks in Mandarin class. Please feel free to contact me with any queries that you may have.

Recently, we have worked on how to say numbers from 100-9999 in Mandarin. The students created their own four digits number and invited other friends to read their number in Mandarin. If the number was read all correct, the student who created the number will give one tick for the one who read it.

Also, on every Monday, G5 students will use their laptops to help them learn Mandarin. We mostly use Quizlet study sets to help us memorizing new vocabularies and new sentence patterns. We had fun playing matching games, gravity games and Quizlet Live. The photos below are students grouped up to play Quizlet Live. Every group has four students. And they have to work together to find the correct choice for a question. It is a fierce competition between 2 groups.


Ajarn Qi