Making vocabulary connections in Grade 2

Grade 2 is excited to be launching into their final Unit of Inquiry for the year about the role of illustrators in making a picture book successful.
As part of their ‘Tuning In’ activities for this unit, there was lots of new vocabulary that needed to be unpacked. To ensure all children have access to the vocabulary, they participated in an activity called Mix and Match. Every child was given a card, and on the card was a vocabulary word, phrase, or picture. Children walked around the room until they were asked to stop and find a partner. With their partner, they discussed each other’s cards before swapping and moving to a new partner. After several turns, everyone had to find a card that most matched theirs, and then share their reasoning with the whole class.


By the end of the session, children had seen, talked about and interpreted the key vocabulary for the unit. It was very successful and an engaging way to develop an understanding of these words.
Gr 2 parents can find more information about the new Unit of Inquiry, including key vocabulary you can talk to your children about at home, on the unit flyer on the Gr 2 blog.


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