Making Sustainability Little Books

To practice the ideas of sustainability well, we need to shift our mindset and view the world through a different lens. For that purpose, IEP students have started a sustainability project of making little booking to review what they have learned this term – The Three ‘R’s of Sustainability, Saving Water, Say ‘NO’ to Plastic Bags. They heard a lot about what Sustainability is about in class, so it’s their time presenting their ideas with their own designs.

Both Tigers and Lions are very engaged and motivated to create their own sustainability logos to speak up the right things to do for reserving a better global environment for us all. All the students are working hard to create their first sustainability project.

They were first given coloured papers, scissors and glue sticks to make the little books in pairs. Then they could brainstorm ideas to develop individualized logos and textual descriptions for the contents they learned this term. Every hand-made little book from the tigers and lions is unique and stylized in its own way.

Well done, Lions and Tigers!

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