Make IEP Garden Fun and Colorful!

It was another hot and sunny afternoon, the good IEP lions paid their garden another visit at the farm. This time they took out the weeds around the soil beds where they grew lettuces and long beans. The boys and girls worked very hard to carry many pots of water for their plants after picking out the weeds — taking care of the ‘babies’ of their hard work requires lots of efforts.

Some other students sat with A. Marta, learning how to make label stands for naming out the IEP Garden plants. They have learned mixing and blending the different paints together to create new colors, then making new patterns for the stands and painting them afterwards. Eventually, some artistic creativities have ton kick in with their farm work as well.

Working together and walking together are always the team spirit of IEP. Let’s be a good team and have some fun.

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