Lovely Afternoon at the Dhara Dhevi

Lovely Afternoon With Savories Buffet at Dhara Dhevi Hotel in Chiang Mai.

After a week of enthusiasm activities and energetic study, last weekend some of our boarders took a chance to get well refreshment and tranquilize at Kasalong House for a Dessert Buffet on Sunday afternoon from 15:00-18:00 pm.

Kasalong Dessert Buffet is one of the finest savories buffets in town which located in the 6 stars splendid Lanna cultural style Hotel, Dhara Dhevi.


Our students were so thrilled and amazed at the hundreds of different cakes and drinks. They all delighted in having delectable savories as well as appreciated the fascinated scenery of the charming hotel.

It was the sit back and sweet weekend, indeed. 

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