Loi Krathong Activity

The time of year to float away one's misfortunes has come again. During Loi Krathong, participants have the opportunity to let go of bad memories and anger from the year before and start anew with positivity.

This year, the boarding community fully participated in this Thai festival. The weather was perfect for the event. The boarders decorated a pratu pa (a welcome gate traditionally used for those returning from the forest) and used flowers and  khom kwaen (hanging lanterns) to give the boarding lounge an appropriate festive atmosphere for Loi Krathong.

On Sunday afternoon, Thai boarders, along with students from other various nationalities, helped to organise a Krathong workshop. They cooked food and prepared herbal drinks with the cafeteria staff. Students and staff enjoyed making their krathongs (floating baskets) by using various leaves, trunks of banana trees, flowers, incense and candles. At 6:30 pm, lanterns were lit at the amphitheatre and the students floated their krathonsg in the pond.  It was a lovely event and we hope more members of the school community will join the boarders for Loi Krathong next year.

Written by Nurse Aon and Ajarn Kai

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