Literacy Week and the Reading Challenge in the Library

As a lead up to Literacy Week, the library organised the Reading Challenge for Junior School students and staff.  The goals were tailored to suit each grade level and once the students had completed the challenge, they wrote their name on a star and placed it up into our library “sky.”

With the theme of “I Imagine . . .” in mind, Alex Soulsby and Chrissy Erwin coordinated a variety of creative writing activities for all students. 

Some developed books, others created poems and some students even constructed 3D worlds and wrote about them. We were amazed at the fabulous originality of so many students.  Most of this work is still on display in the Library so pop by and have a look.

The Library was decorated to illustrate the chosen theme, and many students enjoyed taking the samlor and flying off to wherever their imagination took 

The Library Team


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