Literacy Lessons and Lunacy?

Middle School Students have been celebrating Literacy Week with some key events: the provocative ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ scientist scene, reading with the Junior School students, and dressing as their favourite characters from books.

Please enjoy a few poems that were created in response to the science lab scene set up in the quad on Wednesday morning. At break time two bizarrely dressed scientists with blue hair, appeared, amidst smoke and coloured test tubes, and performed a very strange experiment. What was it all about? Let’s see…

These poems were written immediately after the event…

Natural Science

Chemicals mix

Atoms everywhere

111 x 6

Everything is fair

No one in despair

Friendship care

Foam arises

Lots of nature surprises

Scent of scientific smell

Everything blends well

Yes or no friction

Rises of extinction

Disappearance comes faster

Cause of natural disasters

Trees die

Papers fold

None has been told

That it’s the end of the world


They are here, they bring your fears

The scientists are here to stay, or maybe they want to play

They are crazy, but don’t think they are lazy

They have goo, but don’t think it’s for you

They may have slime and some lime

Don’t be a fool because they are ghouls

With a sinister leer, they jeer and cheer

Even though, sometimes, they may be a blur, but that’s just to deter

Although they are labor-intensive , at least, they aren’t really offensive

Even though, they may bring our doom, at least, we’ll go out in a really big


By two Grade 6 students

Please look out for more responses to this event in future…

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