Lions Back to the Goats

The Lions went back the first farm activity this week. They never expected what’s awaiting them was a fun and intimate contact with the baby goats born this year. All the Lions were not here to intimidate, to scare or to chase the babes. Instead, they were so melted and engaged by the little cute babes running into them.
For some city kids, it’s probably the first time they got such face to face contact with the baby goats. “They baby goats are so cute, they are not scared of us at all!”, some kids mentioned. “I want to be here all day with them!” They said.

Sometimes, it’s quite hard to tell if the kids were embracing the goats or being embraced by these little creatures. They were so not hesitated to get in the goat coop to play with them. The babyish actions of the baby goats made the Lions forgot all the troubles at school for that day, only kept smiles on their faces.

On the other hand, some kids were learning about miking the goat milk from the mum to her babies. A. Ice told explained that sometimes the mother goat lost the patience saving or feeding milk to her babies. So they had to prepare the milk for the babies in advance. Without hesitation and compromising, our Lions just got their hands milky and learned how to milk the goat with a bit of anxiety and excitement for their first time of life.

Well done, Lions! New skills gained! You are all true Risk-Takers!

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