Lions and Tigers All Teams Up!

This week the IEP groups of Lions and Tigers have enjoyed some awesome team-building activities called ” Cross The River Of Piranhas”, which got everyone so engaged by passing the “river” as teams. No one is allowed to let their ropes, wood planks or feet touch the ground or blocks, the the price for breaking the rules are “Dead!” — meaning these tools or the persons who did that are out!  So all teams have to make some good plans together and use their strategies wisely to get to the other side of the river by coordinating with other teams to share some accesses while trying to avoid the traffic jams at the same time. No an easy job. 

But having more fun and learning about the imporance of good communication are more imporant than the games themselves. They have developped some good friendships and teamwork skills in this fun activity. Way to go, IEP Lions and Tigers!

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