Lil’ Loans-Who We Are

Lil Loans is an organization that aims to bring financial relief to thousands of people throughout the world. The means in which this is achieved is through small loans for starting a new business, expanding a business, or covering costs for necessities such as shelter and education. 

In order to provide these loans, we organize fundraising events throughout the year. As of the 4th of November 2021, we have lent $325 to 13 borrowers.  To build on this endowment, we look to organize events such as Auction, Movie Nights, Football tournaments, and Holiday Fundraisers.  (Link to our lending portfolio).

We recently organized our first fundraising event on the 29th of October 2021: selling pizza and drinks at the Halloween Event “Ghouls Night Out”. The fundraising event lasted for the duration of the Halloween Event.  In addition to the time spent selling pizza at the front of the school. We sold out our pizza and made 3600 THB from this event (107 USD); people can be helped with 25-dollar loans, so we will be able to make 4 more loans through the communities’ generosity.

Overall, this event was a major success for the group on all levels and is a good starting point. We would like to thank everyone that supported our cause, and we hope that with your continuous support, we will expand our reach in order to assist more people. 


(Grade 11 Student)

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