LIFT Visit Grade 4

Last week, our Grade 4 students met with 3 representatives from LIFT International, which is an organisation within Chiang Mai that helps children victims of human trafficking to have a voice and get justice. Along with this, they help these victims to heal and either return to their families or find them a new place. This aligns with our unit of enquiry (UOI), where we have been learning about social justice, children’s rights, and influential people.
LIFT International was just one of the organisations we looked into and talked about what type of action they take. Students came up with interview questions to ask. Some of the questions included ‘what inspired you to help people?’ ‘How can we help?’, ‘what do we do if we see someone being trafficked?’, ‘how many people have you helped?’, and many more! Students kept engaged throughout, and Ajarn Alex (our Creative Director) and I, along with the LIFT International representatives were impressed by the students’ questions and knowledge that they have gained about justice.
Grade 4 would like to say a huge thank you to LIFT International for taking the time to share their knowledge with our students so that they can be more aware and share with their peers. 

Megan Gless

Grade 4 Teacher

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