Life-long learners cook up a feast

During the school holidays, June 30 – July 16, Chef Dang, Head Chef in the cafeteria and two kitchen staff visited ML Tri’s Kitchen in Phuket. The visit was part of the on-going plan to improve food quality, kitchen management systems and to motivate staff to think differently, to try new dishes and to understand  different techniques.

The training included learning about the following:

  • Salad dressings and sauces
  • Bakery and desserts
  • Cookery methods
  • Managing food inventory, including the storage of raw materials

As a result of the training, Chef Dang is already implementing the following in the cafeteria:

  • Local products are being substituted in recipes, helping us to eat seasonally and locally
  • Staff members are sharing their knowledge with each other
  • Dishes unsuitable for regular school days will be used on special occasions

Chef Dang and his team thanked the school for giving them this valuable opportunity to continue learning. They are keen to practice the new things that they have learnt.

Chef Chacrit (Dang) Wangchayangkoon

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