Life Guarding  Course

For young people aged 15+.Sessions from 0830-1230, during the week 26 July – 1 August. (those  age 12+  can still participate and  learn a range of useful skills and if competent can earn an internal certificate of achievement)

This is a great opportunity to learn skills that could help save a life in the future, learn a new skill maybe for IA or set you up to get a part time job working as a lifeguard once you are old enough.

To register you must be able to swim 4 lengths of Prem pool and tread water for 1 min.

The lifeguarding course requires some reading before the course to have a basic understanding before you begin.
The course will be a mixture of practical classroom learning and time in the pool carrying out different rescue scenarios.

Places are limited!
Registration must be received by 10 July. Contact:

NB: Photograph from last year’s course – this year social distancing measures will be applied

Lynda Rolph
Head of Community
Traidhos Three-Generation Community

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