“Life After Prep” - Just Another Relaxing Evening in Boarding

After class there is Exploria and after Exploria there is dinner. After dinner there is prep and we know our boarders love their prep time. But what happens after prep?
Well, boarders come back from prep to their beloved apartments and they find fresh fruits, fresh milk and an assortment of tasty sandwiches waiting for them in their respective common rooms.
If we pick a random time like a Wednesday evening, the cluster 11 and 12 families come back from prep around 8:30 pm and drop their bags in their rooms. The bookworms stay in and launch into an extended prep session in their rooms. The creative and artsy grab their art pads and find inspiration in the art room or around boarding quarters. The athletic head over to the fitness centre for their routine weekly workouts.
The majority of the fun and excitement, however, is always in the gymnasium though.

If it’s not basketball then its almost always volleyball.
The gym is most certainly the boarder’s best friend. It’s always fantastic to watch the skills, the laughter and even more important the spirit of togetherness that is consistently demonstrated in the gym as the boarders play together. The boarders seem to have a good grasp of how to balance study and play.
When they get back to their apartments, they have some time to relax and unwind before lock-up time. Then they shower and brush their teeth. Some will read their favourite books for a bit as they wait for lights out. After lights out, it’s sweet dreams. The next day, another beautiful day in boarding begins

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