Lidz4Kids Air House Charity Update

In observation of the Mae Rim area, we noticed that many kids were riding motorbikes without a helmet. With this said, we decided to take action to aid this problem. The Lidz4Kids charity was created in effort of raising money to buy motorbike helmets for kids in Mae Rim. We were able to reach out to every homeroom, elucidating our charity, and its goals. 

With the help of parents and family members, staff, and students participating with their time, effort, and donations; we were able to raise enough to buy a total of 45 helmets. Coincidently, the number of helmets we raised money for, matched the number of students in Air House, in the senior school. On Friday the 18th, we visited the Baan Nong Bla junior school to donate the 45 helmets that we were able to purchase. 

When it came down to it, we were able to receive assistance from a multitude of community members. Including Mali (Grade 10) who contrived and designed the charity logo which was then produced as a sticker with the help of A. Nae. To assist us in the final stretch, A.Boo liaised with the Thai local school, to whom we then donated the helmets. We would like to thank all of these community members as well as everyone who participated in this charity drive. Without the help of the whole Prem community, we wouldn’t have had such a positive and successful experience as we did in this Lidz4Kids charity initiative.  


Bandagi, Grade 8 

(MS Air House Captain)

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