Let’s Celebrate A Wonderful Beginning

Dear Prem community,

Wow!! What an amazing, joyous, and smile-filled first week of 2022-2023! Our start to the new school year in Senior School has been truly special.

It was a genuine pleasure to start our week last Monday by welcoming excited new students and new families to an engaging orientation day. Our student Buddies who helped on the day were outstanding.

As waves of happy students with smiling faces briskly walked into school early on Tuesday morning for their first day, our campus grounds and classrooms quickly filled with sounds of genuine excitement.

A genuine sense of gratitude and happiness at being on campus with friends and teachers was immediately evident. Very early on Tuesday morning, our Grade 12 students ventured out to a nearby hill to watch a beautiful sunrise as they celebrated their last first day at Prem. Making memories! These new seniors are already leading the way in our community on the importance of making 2022-2023 a meaningful and memorable year.

Our first school day together was launched with Homeroom connections and an enthusiastic Senior School Assembly. That was actually the first time in 3 years the Senior School has all been together, for that event, in person, and on campus, at this important time of the year! Special memories were created through inspirational words, articulate student speakers inviting participation in activities, and the performance of a talented, young Grade 6 musician.

Throughout this first week of our 2022-2023 school year, it has been spectacular to hear joyful laughter fill our hallways and classrooms again. Already, it is really great to see caring connections and relationships forming amongst students as well as between students and teachers. Seeing students shooting hoops at break times or chatting as they walk between lessons warms our hearts and brings BIG smiles to our faces! In just these first few days, we feel invigorating and positive energy is being threaded through all of our Grade 6 to 12 classes.

Building healthy relationships and having supportive pastoral conversations with student groups have been a very important focus for extended Homeroom sessions each morning of this week. It is lively to see groups of students engaging with interactive activities like Human Knot and Holiday Bingo. Intentionally, we strive to help students feel comfortable and organised to confidently start their year.

Staff and students alike are very eager for the launch of this year’s Exploria programme. Everyone is already talking about which activity or sport they will participate in. Our entire Senior School community is being encouraged to; Be Bold; Be You, and Be Happy this year. And we have invited students of all grade levels to embrace a New start; New chapter; New Opportunities mindset, as we help each other pursue excellence in all arenas during 2022-2023.

As our students find their learning rhythm during these first weeks, we will continue to empower them to “Make today amazing!” through good thinking and positive participation every day. Let’s celebrate a wonderful beginning. I look forward to updating you on more great memories very soon. Together, let’s make 2022-2023 an exceptional year!

With warmest regards,
Shaun Hudson
Senior School Principal

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