Learning through play in IEP


In IEP, we believe that play and time spent outside of the classroom is just as important as the learning occurring inside the classroom.


Indeed, research shows that children’s long-term social emotional capabilities are improved when they have a chance to learn through play. Play is essential to children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development and whilst it seems like rigorous instruction and standardized tests are the way to academic success, students should be receiving an education that holistically supports their development.


In “Let the Kids Learn Through Play” David Kohn notes that there is little evidence that rigorous instruction actually improves achievement and in fact it may have the opposite effect, slowing emotional and cognitive development, causing unnecessary stress and perhaps even souring kids’ desire to learn.

Giving children the opportunity for unstructured imaginative play throughout the day will help develop the minds of inventors and innovators. Healthy play also helps increase confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving and conflict resolution – all vital skills for the leaders of tomorrow!


As such, play is vital to the academic growth of our young students and should be encouraged as part of a comprehensive curriculum.


If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please consider reading “Why play is essential for the classroom” by Emily Petrey.


Ajarn Cara

Head of the Intensive English Programme

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