Learning Life Skills In Exploria Golf

This week I went to take a closer look at our Golf Exploria. In the afternoon sun, overlooking the Thai countryside, it looked like an idyllic way to end the school day. The students were obviously enjoying their session with smiles and moments of concentration on their faces in equal measure. But golf does a lot more than you think at first glance:
  • Golf teaches self-discipline and responsibility. There are many rules to the game of golf, but these can be introduced slowly to children, at a pace that makes sense to their ability level.
  • Golf encourages students to have quiet time. Today’s world is a busy place full of noise and interruptions. Golf forces you to take a step back, with no distractions, to enjoy the peace and focus on your game. Allowing the students some calm and reflective time.
  • Golf develops emotional control. For some children it can be difficult to control their temper, after a bad swing or a bad game. But the more children play, they learn to develop the skills to keep their emotions under control and master a more mature outlook.

These life skills are all transferable to other areas of the students’ lives at home and at School. Thank you to the Prem students in the Golf session that made me feel very welcome and to our Golf Centre Director, Siddharth (Sid) Nag.


Jane Waterman
Admissions & Marketing

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