Learning Languages

Recently I came across this quote:

As an international Community, Traidhos offers the opportunity for parents and friends to study on campus. In line with the Three-Generation concept of us all being lifelong learners, the following classes are about to start:

Thai language class 
English language class
French class
Spanish class

The last term, there was a good level of engagement with parents attending weekly and making good progress in their chosen language.

Thai classes typically run twice a week: one session for speaking and listening skills and the second class to develop reading and writing. The conversation classes focus on topics which are needed for daily life here in Chiang Mai.

The French and Spanish classes embrace a total cultural understanding that belongs to the language and include dancing the sevillanas and cooking tapas.

English classes build confidence to use English for everyday communication and also to communicate with teachers over school matters.
If you would like to study one of these languages, please e-mail lyndar@threegeneration.org for more information.


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