Learning Language Through Art in the IEP!

Students in the IEP are fortunate to be able to learn language through many different mediums.

Our philosophy in the IEP is that students are always learning language; we don’t just study formal speaking, listening, reading and writing; we also introduce our students to English through the arts as well, through; drama, art, meditation, music and outside of the classroom learning.

Art classes with the very talented Ajarn Sintra are well underway in term one! Students’s have begun the term by practicing their self-portraits.

IEP students deep in concentration, working on self-portraits 🙂

A. Sintra & Sunny!


Students have different strengths in different areas of learning; some are good at math, others are good at reading, writing and so on.

In the IEP we try to honor all student strengths, and over the years we’ve discovered many talented artists amongst our students!

I popped in on Ajarn Sintra’s students to see how their portraits were coming along, I joked with the class that I am easy to draw,…because I have no hair! They thought that was funny, however some students were quite serious and claimed I would still be difficult to draw because of the my beard; well to that I can only share with you, dear reader, the work of previous IEP alumni and let you judge for yourself:

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