Learning Culture Through Food

Food is a magnetic force that brings friends and family together. Gathering around a good meal often fosters a strong connection between people. As we are educating students to be “Global Citizens” and “Open-minded”, Class A has a good chance to experience a new culture “by their tongues”. We have a Korean student who has every strong interests of cooking Korean food and he is happy to introduce Korean food culture to us as well.
1) Giving a lively mind-map introduction about popular Korean dishes;

2) Asking the class to observe how to add ingredients and mix food and vegetables together;

3) Students line up and take turns to taste the food in order;

4) Discussing about the flavors of food and materials used, comparing with Thai and Chinese food as well;

5) It’s time for some desserts: Korean rice cakes with sesames!

Everyone has learned an impressive lesson about Korean food culture and feels much appreciated to the young chef! Thanks for sharing.

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