Kittens, Cats, Caring

The Caring for Cats Exploria has once again done an incredible job showing agency and helping cats in the local cat shelter and organization, Adopt Meow.  They met kittens and adult cats helping to socialize them and get used to children.  The students also brainstormed ways to help by making comfortable rooms for the cats and making toys to help them exercise and stay healthy.  Last year, the Caring for Cats group raised over 10,000 baht which was used to make the Prem Kitten House, a room used to house kittens who have been found on the street.  Our Caring for Cats group made a sign so the Prem Kitten House is an official space ready to take in new cats. Thank you to our Exploria students for their help this Term!

Ajarn Katrina
Grade 2 Teacher

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